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up and down

by Theofilos Xatzizirlis

Rock Climbing

I started to scale the cliff,
Without my usual harness,
Using only my hands and feet,
I climbed up and into darkness.

Scrabbling for a crack,
Or a foothold to stop and rest,
I dug my nails into the rock,
Heart hammering in my chest.

It was as if the rock gave way,
Dismayed I found was true,
For as my feet began falling,
The rest of my body did too.

Grabbing for the safety line,
I knew instinctively wasn’t there,
I plummeted at a sickening rate,
Through the rushing air.

My head hit the ground,
With a resounding crack,
I found that I was lying dazed,
On the gym floor on my back.

By Bryn Sadler